Please find the detailed and always updated overview on all sessions in our session planner.

Instructions for the use of the Session Planner

The Session Planner gives you an overview of all sessions of each congress day as well as their contents. It is easy and intuitive to operate:

  • Create a new profile to save your personal calendar. Therefore, click on “Anmelden” in the left menu bar.
  • To see the content of each session, please click on a selected session. A pop-up window with detailed information opens.
  • By clicking on the favorite symbol (right top bar) in the pop-up window, you can add the selected session to your personal calendar.
  • Saved favorites can be viewed once again by pressing the button “Favoriten” in the left menu bar. Special feature: download your personal calendar as a Word document or pdf file and print it, or connect it to your private calendar.
  • In the left menu bar you can display and hide individual days, session types and/or rooms. This allows you to filter according to your interests. In addition, the left menu bar has a search field which makes the search easier for you.
  • With this profile you can even sign into our congress app when it is released, and receive access to your personal favorites and appointments directly in the app.